Flower Mound TX RoofingThe experts at Hollin Home Remodeling provide roof repair and roof replacement services to residents in the greater Flower Mound area. As a full service roofing contractor, we specialize in roof leak repairs including issues caused by storm damage repair. Our professional roofing team is reliable and committed to installing quality roofing systems for Flower Mound area residents. Our roofing replacement is backed by our three year workmanship warranty which meets manufacturer specifications and local building codes in Flower Mound. By listening to our clients we provide detailed estimates that keep the roofing project on time and on budget.

Tired of roofers telling you have roof damage without inspecting your roof? Call the expert Roofers at Hollin Home Remodeling in Flower Mound to provide thorough reports for re-roofing and new roofing installation services in Flower Mound since 2004. As a full service roofing contractor, we specialize in roofing leak repair and storm damage repair in Flower Mound. Our roofing installations meet manufacturer specifications and local building codes in Flower Mound which are backed by our three year workmanship warranty. By listening to our clients we provide detailed estimates that keep the roofing project on time and on budget. Our promise is that our owner is on every job to ensure quality roofing installations and attention to detail.

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Your roof is quite possibly the most important part of your home. If your roof allows water to reach the interior of your home, mold growth can start in as little as 48 hours. Certain species of mold can be extremely hazardous to your health and cause long term damage to your health. Therefore, making sure your roof is in good condition is a top priority for every homeowner.

Analyzing Your Roof

When a homeowner wants a roofing estimate, the first thing we do is analyze the condition of your existing roof. When we analyze your roof, we look at several different factors so we can provide you with an accurate assessment of your best options. We are basically asking ourselves questions about your roof.

Some of those questions include:

Flower Mound Roofing with Storm Damage

Does the Roof Have Storm Damage?

We carefully inspect roofs for storm damage because it is not always easy to spot. The most common type of storm damage is caused by hail. When hail impacts a roof, it can create divots in an asphalt shingles. Those divots can cause granule loss which decreases the lifespan of your shingles drastically. The granules on an asphalt shingle are designed to repel water and protect the underlying shingle from the sun. If there’s hail damage to your roof, your homeowners insurance company cover the cost of a replacement roof.

Should a Homeowners Insurance Claim Be Filed?

Hollin Roofing and Remodeling has been advising homeowners for years when it comes to storm damage and insurance claims. Filing a claim is not as simple as telling your insurance company that you have hail damage and they cut a check. Homeowners insurance policies require a certain threshold of damage before they’ll cover a claim. Most companies require there to be at least eight hail damage marks within a ten foot by ten foot area. An experienced roofing professional will know what the insurance companies require when filing a claim. Most importantly, an experienced roofing company will document the extent of the storm damage which will help get your claim processed faster.

Should the Roof Be Repaired or Replaced?

Deciding whether or not a roof should be repaired or replaced takes careful consideration, roofing expertise, and a little bit of math.

Roofing Deck Damage Flower Mound TX

Replacement Cost – The first step towards determining whether your roof should be replaced or repaired is to estimate the total cost to replace the entire roof. The replacement cost is figured by measuring the square footage of your roof plus the cost of materials and labor.

Repair Cost – Estimating the cost of a roof repair project is usually done by taking the cost per square foot and multiplying that number times the total number of feet that need to be repaired. If a 10 foot by 10 foot section of the roof needs to be replaced that totals 100 square feet.

Estimating Total Current Value – Estimating expenses on roof repair and replacement is relatively straight forward. However, deciding which one is the best option can be a little bit more complex. The first step is evaluating the current condition of your roof so we can estimate the number of years it has left before it needs to be replaced. An asphalt shingled roof lasts about 15 years on average. When the cost of the roof is broken down over time you are able to figure out the cost per square foot, per year. Finding the cost per square foot, per year, is a critical step of weighing whether a roof repair or replacement is the right decision for you.

Wind and Hail Damage Roof Flower Mound TX

The Replace or Repair Formula – The following is just an example of a formula you could use to help you decide whether you would like to repair or replace your roof. It is for educational purposes and does not represent actual estimates for roof repair or replacement. It is simply a method you can use to help determine whether or not roof repair or replacement is the correct decision.

Let’s say you have a 12 year old roof that is 2000 square feet and originally cost $15,000. It has a 100 square foot section that needs to be repaired.

Cost of new roof = $15,000. A roof typically lasts 15 years = Depreciation of $1000 per year X 12 years = -$12000 (Current total value of the entire roof $3000) The section of the roof that needed to be repaired would only have a remaining value of $150 due to depreciative value. The cost to repair that same section of roof $750 would make the total value remaining of the rest of the roof $2250. Cost to reroof the repaired section when the rest of the roof needs to be replaced $750. Essentially you are paying ten times the value of the 100 square foot section over a 2 year period since the whole roof will likely need to be replaced in two years. You’re also going to pay twice for that same section to be reroofed within that same two year period. While some companies might try to slide in hidden and unnecessary costs, the team at Hollin Home Remodeling is a local company that treats our customers like our neighbors, because they are! You will find yourself with the most helpful team when your roof job is handled by our caring and professional experts.

Roof Replacement Flower Mound TX

It may make sense to repair the roof in this specific instance because the cost of the repair does not exceed the value of the remaining value of the roof. However, you are really taking a loss per square foot when repairing versus replacing in this particular scenario.

Many times roof repair gives many homeowners a chance to put together the funds to get their roof completely reroofed. Do not use a roofing company that tries to pressure you into doing something you do not want to do. Reputable roofing companies that have your best interests in mind will simply relay information to you and give you quality advice. A great roofing company will ultimately leave the decision up to you.

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