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Kitchen Remodeled Sink Flower Mound TXThank you for considering Hollin Home Remodeling and Roofing for your kitchen remodeling needs. While we will certainly do our best to make the page of our website welcoming, nothing is as welcoming as a well thought out and quality crafted kitchen. This page of our site is designed to help homeowners get in touch with our company if they are looking for a high quality kitchen remodeling company. It is also designed to help people learn more about the kitchen remodeling process.

Why Do Most People Remodel Their Kitchen?

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of any home. Each person has their own reason for remodeling their kitchen. However, there are a few primary reasons that most people choose to have their kitchen remodeled. We have decided to outline a few of those primary reasons. Houzz, the home improvement website, conducted a survey in 2017 to identify the most common reasons people. We have outlined some of their findings below.

Remodeled Flower Mound KitchenIncrease Value of the Home – Despite what you may think, most people do not remodel their kitchen to increase the value of their home. Most kitchen remodeling projects do allow homeowners to increase the value of their home, however less than 10% of homeowners remodel with the intent of increasing property value.

Tired of It – According to Houzz, 43% of people get their kitchen remodeled because they can’t stand looking at it anymore. The interesting thing about that statistic is that 40% of those same people wanted to get their kitchen remodeled all along but simply could not afford it. That means that many people that have just purchased a home wanted to remodel their home immediately after they purchased it.

Selling Your Home – Some people choose to remodel their kitchen because they feel it may help them sell their home. However, most people do not recuperate all of their investment on a kitchen remodeling project. Hollin Roofing and Remodeling can give you helpful advice on your kitchen remodeling project. In addition to the advice our company can provide, one of the best things you can actually do when making plans for a kitchen remodeling project is to talk to an experienced real estate professional. Real estate agents will be able to help you make plans based upon how long you plan on staying in your home. Your kitchen remodeling plans for should vary drastically depending upon how long you are planning to live in the home. If you are planning to live in a home for a couple of years after remodeling, you will want to invest less and have less personalization. If you are planning to be at the property for 15 years, you will be able to add more personal touches and be less concerned with immediate return on investment factors. Real estate agents will be able to really be an asset for you during your remodeling project. Spending less does not necessarily mean you will not increase the value of your home more. If you are looking to sell your home soon, simple additions such as adding a backsplash can give you the largest return on your investment.

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Why Choose Hollin Home Remodeling?

Quality Counts – When it comes to kitchen remodeling, quality of service is critically important. The more attention to detail a remodeling company has, the happier you will be with your kitchen remodeling project. You will spend more time in your kitchen than your remodeling company or anyone else. Therefore, each detail will be more noticeable to you. There are far too many remodeling companies that will be willing to cut corners to finish a job faster and increase their profits. Hollin Home Remodeling will be able to create a lasting impression of quality that will last for years to come.

Whatever your reason for choosing to remodel your kitchen, Hollin Home Remodeling & Remodeling has you covered.

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